Amstron – Bosch BAT021 Battery for BBH24VRE

Specifications:  NiMH   24V   3,000 mAh/3Ah   72Whr   2lb/907.18g  Color: Black
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1 YR. Battery Warranty

Bosch BAT021 battery via Amstron is designed to be used with Bosch GBH24VRF,11225VSRH, 11225VSR fashions. Amstron energy software batteries are precision-engineered and carefully examined for voltage, capability, compatibility and protection to exceed authentic Apparatus producer Specs.
Specs:  NiMH   24V   three,000 mAh/3Ah   72Whr   2lb/907.18g  Colour: Black
Comparable day rapid transport.
1 YR. Battery Guaranty
$50,000 Apparatus Coverage Plan Integrated.
Suitable with: Bosch 11225VSR, 11225VSRH, BAT019, BAT020, BAT021, BBH24VRE, GBH24VFR, GBH24VRE, GBH24VRF


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