8 inch Pneumatic Wheel

Diameter: 7.65 inches
Width Across Middle: 1.8 inches
Bore: 1.00 inch thru hole, with 1.125 inch x 0.375 inch deep bearing pockets

Here’s a top-traction wheel which incorporates a grippy rubber tire, an pneumatic interior tube, and a powerful plastic hub. Those portions are shipped to you in package shape. The original facet approximately this product is the contest-able hub. The hub accepts any 200x50mm tire and interior tube, 1.125 inch (outdoor diameter) ball bearings (2 in line with wheel are wanted), and the mounting holes had to set up hardware to be sprocket-pushed or hub-pushed.
Diameter: 7.65 inches
Width Throughout Center: 1.8 inches
Bore: 1.00 inch through hollow, with 1.125 inch x 0.375 inch deep bearing wallet
Bolt Development: 6 holes, 0.20 diameter on 1.875 inch diameter bolt circle
Frame Subject material: black polycarbonate


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