3000mAh Battery for Gardena 8841, 8835-U

3000mAh Battery for Gardena 8841, 8835-U
Please be certain each Style and battery Phase Quantity are matched along with your software.

– Appropriate Style:
GARDENA forty eight-Li, 8840, 8841, 8865, 8882, AccuCut 18-Li, AccuCut Li, AccuCut Li 400, AccuCut Li 450, AccuJet 9333-20, CST 2018-Li, EasyCut 50-Li, EasyCut 8873, ErgoCut forty eight-Li 8878, ErgoCut 8878, HighCut forty eight-Li,

– Appropriate Battery Phase Quantity:

– RoHS authorized for poisonous loose.
– CE and ISO9001 Certificates for high quality insurance.


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