2013 Newest Third Generation Subarea Setting , Language Selection Auto Grass Cutter

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1. Lift sensor

if the mower lifted from floor over 20mm in level way, it’ll stop working within 2 sencods

2. Mowing schedule

Set up one week (Monday to Sunday, in the future for once) cutting schedule from keep an eye on panel

3. Anti-theft function

User should enter the right kind password then the mower will also be began.

4.Tilted switch

If the mower is titled over 30 degree, the mower will stop working 2 seconds.

5. If virtual wire or charging station has an issue, the mower will stop within 3 seconds and alarm will sound.

6.The motors (both cutting motor and running motors)

All motors incorporate planetary motor technology. It has the operation time of 1500 hours. We only use the most productive technology to be had within the construction.

7. Rain sensor

The mower has in build rain sensor function

Rain sensor activate: the mower will go back to home whether it is raining.

Rain sensor turn off: the mower will go on mowing when it’s raining

8. Human sensor

That implies when your hands touch the maintain, the mower will sease function within 2 seconds

9. Ultrasonic sensor

Compare to standard bumpers, the ultrasonic hindrances is a lot more safety. The mower will change direction before bump people or hindrances routinely. That implies no touch! Do not be disturbed, the mower will never hit your children and pets.

10. Cutting width:30cm

11. Humanistic cutting height selection

3cm-6cm humanistic design, and has more number of cutting height

Easier for user to select the cutting height

Any further question just contact.


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