18V 3.0Ah 54Wh CTB6187 CTB6185 Battery for Snap on Li-Ion (USA Stock)

Voltage; 18V, Capacity: 3.O Ah 54Wh
High Quality Cell, LG Inside
Condition :100% New, Replace Battery

Compatible Phase Quantity:
CTB6187; CTB6185; CTB4187

Fits Style:
Snap on CT6850/CT6855 Collection Affects Wrench
Snap on CT6850DB Affects Wrench
Snap on CTA6855 Affects Wrench
Snap on CDR6850DB Drills
Snap on CDR6850/CDR6855 Drills
Snap on CDRA6855 Drills
Snap on CDRE6855 Drills
Snap on CDRU6855 Drills
Snap on CDRK6855 Drills
Snap on CDRJ6855 Drills
Snap on CTRS6855/ CTRS6850/CTRS6850DB Cordless Reciprocating Noticed
Snap on CAG6850DBKIT 18V Cordless Adhesive Gun Collection
Snap on CTLED4918HO Rechargeable LED Flashlight Collection
Snap on CTL4918 Rechargeable Xenon Flashlight Collection
Snap On CDR4850A 18V Cordless Drill Collection
Snap On CT4850HO half” 18 Volt Cordless Have an effect on Wrench Collection

Fit for Snap On CTC620 / CTCFA620 / CTFU620 / CTCFK620 / CTCFE620 / CTCJ620 / CTC628 Twin Chemistry Charger Collection
Voltage; 18V, Capability: 3.O Ah 54Wh
Top High quality Cellphone, LG Within
Situation :one hundred% New, Change Battery
Guaranty: 6 Months, Delivery From United States


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