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How to Choose the Right Potting Soil

The soil that you use in containers, similar to in any garden, is of prime importance. The fertility and texture of the soil determines its quality. The texture is associated to the size of soil particles. For example, sandy soil comes with a texture that allows free movement of water and air, which allows aeration. There is some space in clay particles as they can pack. Proper soil texture is generally a blend of these, and is composed of much organic matter and sandy loam.

Tips for Choosing the Best Potting Soil

Where potting soil is concerned, there is no ideal mix due to the needs of the plant matter. Many pre-packaged mixtures of the potting soil are enough for numerous plants. There are specialized soils for specific plants that need a specific nutrient mix and texture and are sensitive as well. There is always the option to pick a commercial mix.

Ideally, to choose the right soil for a container style garden, it is important to research the plants you wish to grow. You should also become familiar with the needs when it comes to soil. It is always best to imitate the natural environment for plant growth. However, it is pragmatic that you simply focus on the fertility and texture of the soil. In case the soil is perfect, you will only need to feed and water your plant and ensure it gets sufficient sunlight.

How to Make Potting Soil of Your Own

Preparing a perfect potting soil for your plants does not need to consists of custom mixing of soil for every plant. It can be costly as well as time consuming. Generally, you can begin with a nutritious commercial potting soil that is perfect for most plants, and simply add peat moss, sand or humus. In case the acid content in your potting soil is too high, it is necessary to add lime. Then you should periodically add fertilizer to containers. It is essential, given that there can be depletion in the amount of soil nutrients once the plants grow.

Making custom soil to pot specific plants can be advantageous in case you have the money and time. When you want to research the ideal growth needs of specific plants, find potting soil recipes that can ensure the best plant growth. Gardeners formulate many recipes, and you should experiment and research in order to find an ideal mix.

In case you find that the soil mix is less than ideal, you may depend on your knowledge and experience to slightly accommodate the recipes. It will quickly help you to gain expertise at potting soil creation. Even other gardeners will depend on your experience and potting soil recipe formulation.

If you wish to be a good container gardener, choosing appropriate potting soil is important. The soil needed for container gardening is lighter than traditional gardening soil. The fertility and texture will allow the best drainage and ensure that your plants have sufficient water, nutrients and air.

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